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FEOSA’s officials specialize in all labour related matters; protecting your interests as business owner or employer.


Vision: To be a Nationally recognised leader in Labour-related matters.

FEOSA’s officials have in-depth expertise and experience with regard to labour matters in various industries such as construction, road freight, motor, mining, retail, entertainment and agriculture and are involved in collective bargaining with some of the more prominent unions in the country.

FEOSA represents employers on a regular basis at CCMA and Bargaining Council level during conciliation, arbitration and collective bargaining and their representatives have earned the respect of all involved for the knowledgeable and professional manner in which they conduct themselves at all times.


  • We cater for all employers and are committed to providing an affordable service to all our members.
  • We value our members and consistently provide them with a quality service to assist them in the achievement of their business goals.
  • We are trustworthy and operate in accordance with the highest standards of integrity in order to command the respect of all our members and the business community at large.
  • We are action-orientated in serving our members and we don’t procrastinate when executing our responsibilities. When a challenge presents itself, we deal with it quickly and effectively.



Why become a FEOSA member:

  • To secure affordable consultation and representation.
  • To have access at all times to a professional and competent labour advisory services.
  • To minimize labour-related problems and thus maximize time available to focus on business-related issues.
  • To be able to act proactively and thus lessen the chances of paying unnecessary costs at CCMA and Bargaining Council level.
  • To have access to affordable training and workshops.
  • To have access to affordable insurance against Arbitration or Labour Court awards.
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